How to make a Perfect grilled Chicken

How to make a perfect grilled chicken

Grilling can be a fun activity for the family weekend. Spend your lazy afternoons in your garden, and take the grills grilled chicken for dinner.

Learning how to grill is not as hard as you want to see on television. All you need is the right temperature for your grill, especially if you use an electric grill. However, if you have a conventional grill, try to find wood or charcoal dried. Light the coals or wood by placing crumpled papers below each coal and then set the papers on fire. Do not pour gasoline on the embers or dried wood. Smoke from the coals give a flavor of typical gasoline automobile to your grilled meat. These are your best weapons in grilling.

Select the best part of the chicken. I usually use chicken thighs and legs, as they are the fattest part of the chicken. These parties give a juicy, grilled chicken. Although these may seem unhealthy, the taste is very delicious. Some still prefer grilling chicken breasts with the skin on.
Before you start cooking your chicken, do not forget to marinate at least overnight. Yes, overnight. This is because the longer you marinade your meat, the better absorption of flavors happens. I prefer to use store-bought marinades because they save a lot of preparation time in the kitchen. The disadvantage of most marinades ready to use is their high sodium content. But if you have time, you can make your own marinade from scratch. In the recipe below, the marinade and chicken were cooked together to speed up the cooking process and also to let the flavors blend together. I love Asian-style marinades like this:

For every pound of chicken:

How to make a perfect grilled chicken

cup light soy sauce (available in the Asian section of grocery stores)
2-3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice or lime juice

4 tablespoons brown sugar

1 stalk lemongrass support (crushed)

3 cloves garlic, crushed

1 tablespoon sesame oil coffee (optional)

Mix all the above ingredients in a heavy pan and boil for two minutes. Add chicken broth and simmer for five minutes. Drain chicken in a colander, reserving marinade for basting during cooking. The frame is needed for the usual chicken dry on. The marinade can also be done as a sauce by making a roux base. This is done simply by placing a tablespoon of butter in a nonstick pan and cook for a few minutes. Pour over the marinade and whisk until the sauce thickens. Taste the sauce and adjust the seasoning accordingly.

You can also opt for a dry rub marinade. This dry rub is made of herbs and spices and a little oil. For chicken, dried or fresh tarragon and rosemary blends very well together. If you want a spicy, grilled chicken, add a pinch of chili powder and cayenne pepper. There are limitless marinades for grilled chicken. A little imagination and creativity are the keys. Make sure that when cooking chicken, never let the flame burst. This will result in burnt chicken. This does not appeal to both the eyes and the palate. If this occurs, some water sprinkled on the flame. Some love their grills to cover during the cooking process.

Personally, I liked mine discovered. There's just something about the smoke is, for me, the essence of grilling. Grills are best served hot, right next to the grill with salads or other vegetables of your choice.

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