The Closet Experiment

The Closet Experiment

Sometimes it surprises me how I manage to clutter my closet literally a few days after it was carefully organized. The truth is that I'm just a messy person, still not able to recover the blouse I planned to wear bother me as much as to be awakened in the middle of the night by noisy neighbors. I decided to act like an adult, and an example to my roommates who, like me, are not very tidy.

After so much it takes to keep my closet organized, I decided that sitting around and wondering where to start is not going to cut it even closer. Since I am very curious by nature, the most sensible thing to do to keep me on track with my plan was to conduct a little experiment ... and that's how it all began:

1. Preparation

If I had to keep my closet organized for an extended period of time, I had to start with a clean slate, right? So I went to the company, and took everything out of the closet - but do not ask me how long it actually took to complete the preparation process! Since summer is about to hit us hard, the sensible thing to do is to put aside my winter clothes, and accessories, and get the whole summer.

After carefully folded, color code, and put everything in separate piles, I decided it was time to start placing each battery in a designated area. I worked on a project to make sure I had the best access to the clothes I wear most often at work, my maid outfit, and the substance of the game. Once I made the organization, and yes clean the closet, it was time to start the experiment ...

2. Observation Time

To have a successful experience, you need to collect data on your usual behavior for a period of time, then analyze and find the best ways to improve your "closet behavior." A week seemed rather based on my previous experience - generally, I am more than "ruin" my beautiful arrangement takes ...

A week has passed, and as it turned out, I was quite right, and the cabinet had reached its initial disordered state. However, I had been a good little scientist, and I had seen the notes, and even a few photos that I'm not particularly proud of.

The Closet Experiment

3. The conclusions

I lack self-control!Not that big of a surprise, still, I can say that I am fairly ashamed from my behaviour. As it turned out it wasn’t the little elves that came and ransacked my closet every single day while I was carefully picking up my outfit for the day – it was all me! I can’t set my mind on a specific attire, so I have to try on a few combinations before I am satisfied, and by that time I am running late for work, so I don’t have time to put the discarded clothes back to their designated spots, and from that point on starts the snow-ball effect.

I am a bit of a hoarder!

Here is the place where I am forced to admit one of my little dirty secrets: I hate cleaning, and organizing at home, therefore I sometimes give Cleaning Brighton a call, and let their crew have at the mess at home. The poor people, how much can they do when I have so much stuff lying around. Clothes that I haven’t worn for years but I insist on keeping, just in case.

My display sucks!

 While I was struggling to find out where my mistakes were “hidden”, I stumbled upon something that I never would have believed I would say: My display is DISFUNCTIONAL! It may look pretty, it might looks logical but in reality I can’t reach my jeans while the vests that I rarely put on are always in my way. Who would have thought?

The Closet Experiment

The End

My experiment is over, and I am left with a great deal of information I still need to process, and figure out the best way to improve the organization my own closet. Stay tuned for more updates on my crazy home ideas, and entertaining experiments!

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